Welcome note

Welcome to Plant Hunters!

The name of the blog hails from those past centuries explorers that roamed the vast inhospitable areas of the newly discovered continents in their quest for new plants for the sake of scientific knowledge or economic exploitation.

Surely this internet approach is less adventurous and most of the plants hosted here are «by-products» or «pleasant side-effects» of trips and hikes in pursue of the view from a summit, the breeze of a valley or the awe generated by a gorge. And under no circuimstances, were the writers threatened by tropical diseases, wild animals or hostile native tribes.

Some plants were indeed the «prey» of a «hunt» or botanic quest, with respect on their rarity or their aesthetics and gave us, other than the satisfaction of their discovery, valuable moments of wandering in the greek nature.

The main topic of the blog will be photos of plants accompanied by a short text. Also, some plants will be presented collectively in the context of a particular trip. In the future and if the available time is enough, posts of a wider botanical or ethnobotanical interest will be included. Suggestions or ideas about that will be greatly appreciated!

As the native language of the writers is Greek, all of the initial posts will be in this language. Also, as long as we don’t migrate abroad due to the recent financial situation in Greece, all plants will be of greek origin. A selected part of the contents will be translated into English, but if you notice a post that is of interest to you, do not hesitate to communicate and we will translate it on priority!

We welcome and encourage all comments.

Hope you enjoy your visit.